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About Wami Michi Noodle Bar

Come and enjoy the best noodle dishes today at Wami Michi Noodle Bar. Serving the best of world-renowned dishes, our restaurant is like no other in town. We’re loved for our unwavering commitment to delivering the tastiest dishes at all times. All dishes are served distinctly in a local style that is unique to our restaurant. The dishes that we offer are preferred by all because they are always genuine. The service that we provide is also authentic. Our inviting, comfortable restaurant is ideal for a great meal and an overall memorable hospitality experience. Wami Michi Noodle Bar is proud to serve all kinds of customers from the neighbourhood and beyond. We have always had a great appreciation of every new customer that walks through our doors. We have an undisputed passion for service and the objectives of our restaurant have remained the same over the time we have been around. Being able to treat everyone right has made new customers feel welcome and regular ones feel right at home. The blend of great food, quality dishes, and excellent service is an irresistible offer that you cannot miss.

Wami Michi Noodle Bar Branches

Explore the best dishes in the area at our restaurant today. We are proud to serve our enthusiastic customers in the city. You can find us at 83 Park Street, Luton, LU1 3HG. Come and enjoy quality noodle takeaway. We provide a great atmosphere for everyone to relax and enjoy the food. We also extend a local delivery service to all our customers. This service is fast and convenient for all. Our restaurant takes a great effort to connect with all customers via our apps. Download them today from the App Store or Google Play. Order today from Wami Michi Noodle Bar for quality dishes.


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